• His Long Career Shaped Stephen Tosha’s Worth as a Financial Advisor

  • Posted on November 20, 2019
  • Stephen Tosha

    To this day, Stephen Tosha still manages the investment of his initial endowment with a top Dallas non-profit, as well those of a number of others. In 2011 he was recruited by Morgan Stanley and invited to serve as a financial advisor. During his five years there, he worked with clients, he was named Vice President, Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager. He left that prestigious financial services company to join Merrill Lynch toward the end of 2016.

    Stephen Tosha is enjoying his current career path, as are his clients. He is a certified and fully qualified portfolio manager, and he has shown himself capable of building wealth for nearly anyone. Among his most appreciative clients have included individuals and families, foundations, non-profits, same-sex couples and businesses who express an interest in goal-based wealth management. Besides providing traditional advice and guidance, Stephen Tosha can help clients pursue their objectives by employing his own personalized strategies, always based n the client’s needs or goals, or defined strategies, which may incorporate individual stocks and bonds, Merrill Lynch model portfolios, or even a number of third-party investment strategies.

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